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cBIM™ helps you achieve collaborative BIM

Connect commercial information with your design detail, and enhance your BIM coordination processes in the Adoddle collaboration platform.




The benefits:

  • Connect your commercial data directly to your designs

  • Bring visibility and control to shared Information Models

  • Work better with distributed teams and disparate systems

  • Reduce errors from designing in isolation by working in the context of the overall model

  • Reduce the risk of on-site problems with early design review and tracking of resultant actions

  • Immediately review the design progression during development and track critical decision making

  • Centralise storage of all versions of your models in a collaborative online environment

  • View and walk through the overall project model and access the rich data without expensive software


“Asite has delivered on my Rethinking Construction vision with the release of cBIM.”

Sir John Egan


cBIM™ enables you to:

  • Selectively share your project model or individual BIM worksets with project partners

  • Maintain a clear audit trail by tracking version control and updates to the model

  • Merge multiple model files and worksets from different project partners and different design tools into one central model

  • View the differences between model file revisions

  • Collaboratively review and mark-up model files in the integrated 3D viewer

  • Associate views, schedules, and mark-ups with workflows and track actions across your team

  • Integrate document control and construction management with your BIM coordination process

  • Automatically generate reports such as Bills of Quantities (BOQ) from the model on a scheduled basis

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