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Adoddle 19.1 Release
Posted: 01 October 2016 09:31 PM   [ Ignore ]
Devendra Gera -  - Asite Solutions Ltd
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Joined  2009-06-19

We are pleased to announce the release of Adoddle 19.1 to our user community as of 1st of October 2016.
The Adoddle 19.1 release has exciting new features as well as bug fixes:
Ability to Clone and Inherit Workflows: Adoddle users can now configure visual workflows within Project Templates.

Adoddle Field+ is now available for Mobile Phones: Adoddle Field+ is now available on Android and iOS mobile phones, enabling Adoddle users to access their Project information out in the field.

Import from Excel extended to HTML5 Apps: Adoddle users working on HTML5 based apps can now use the import from MS Excel functionality.

Rich Text Format Support in Create Comment: Highlight, strike off and change text colour while creating comments on files is now available.

Support of “Manage Types” in Adoddle Field: A “Manage Types” option is now available in Adoddle Field, which will allow administrators to customise the list of different types of tasks/defects available in the Defect Form.

Other Platform Enhancements:
- Revit Plugin available for Revit 2017: Adoddle Plugin is now available for Revit 2017 version.
- Performance Improvement: Data retrieval performance in listing areas has been optimised.
- Adoddle Viewer Upgrade: The Adoddle Files Viewer has been upgraded to improve user experience.
  - Discontinue Classic Navigator: Support for Classic Navigator will be discontinued from next release i.e. Release 19.2 scheduled on 11th November 2016.

Please click here to see the Product Release notes.

Your feedback is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback.

Kind regards

The Asite Product Team

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