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Adoddle 19.2 Release
Posted: 20 November 2016 07:23 AM   [ Ignore ]
Devendra Gera -  - Asite Solutions Ltd
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Joined  2009-06-19

We are pleased to announce the release of Adoddle 19.2 to our user community.
The Adoddle 19.2 release has exciting new features as well as bug fixes:
Linking of Drawings which have External References: Collaborating with drawings which have x-refs is enhanced. Adoddle users now have the ability to link (Static) Drawings that have x-refs.

Support for Electronic Signatures: Adoddle platform now supports Electronic signatures in forms, users can also electronically sign a form using their finger or a stylus on touch screen devices.

Additional Project Information: Capturing additional project related information and settings is enhanced. Administrators can now add additional project related information.

Improvements in Adoddle Field+ Application: <br>
- Favourite Projects Filter: Adoddle Field+ app now supports a filter for favourite projects.

- Support for multiple file upload: Adoddle Field+ app now supports uploading of multiple files.<br>
- Current user actions in defects listing: Users can now view actions assigned to them along with action due time in the defects listing.<br>
  - Performance Improved: Latest update of Adoddle Field+ includes performance improvements.<br>

Support for Configuring Validation (Pre) Action: Users will have more flexibility to ensure documents are uploaded as per individual project requirements while uploading. Administrators can now configure system actions to validate document details before upload. 

Support for Configuring Standalone (independent) Actions: Configuring standalone actions to accomplish small tasks without relying on complex workflows is introduced.

Other Platform Enhancements: <br>
- <strong>Password Policy Enhanced: Adoddle platform has HMG IS1 security accreditation for storing and processing protectively marked assets up to Official-Sensitive level. The default password policy has been changed to ensure that users select a more secure password, which should be a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, special characters and numbers.

Please click here to see the Product Release notes.


Your feedback is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback.

Kind regards

The Asite Product Team

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