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Adoddle 19.7 Release
Posted: 01 July 2017 02:53 PM   [ Ignore ]
Devendra Gera -  - Asite Solutions Ltd
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Joined  2009-06-19

We are pleased to announce the release of Adoddle 19.7 to our user community as of 1st July 2017.

The Adoddle 19.7 release has exciting new features as well as bug fixes:
Extensions to the Information Delivery Plan (IDP) product: Adoddle IDP, which lets you manage delivery of information during the project lifecycle, has been extended to support automated workflows and automatic creation of placeholders in compliance with PAS1192-2/3.

Adoddle 2D web viewer in all new User Interface (Beta Version): A completely new user interface of Adoddle 2D Web Viewer is offered as a Beta Version.
Improvements to Form User Interface (Beta Version): Adoddle is offering a Beta Version of new improved Form user interface. This new user interface has a single page view with dockable sections, easier Form distribution and simplified navigation.
Support for searching Blank values: Adoddle users can now search for blank values within all custom attributes as well as system attributes listed in the Files & Forms area. This facility enables users to filter records where the value in such attributes are not set.
Option to disable “Print and download” while sharing Adoddle link: A new option “Print and download” is included while using the existing Share Adoddle Link functionality. This option can be used where users want to give sneak preview of work done without allowing recipients to print or download the file.
Support for Clash Detection in Federated Models: Adoddle users can now carry out Clash Detection on Federated Models using Adoddle Navigator. This enables users to get first-hand information which helps them to identify and inspect hard and soft clashes on which users can collaborate real time using Project Forms.
New Addition in Adoddle Field Application:
- Recent Defects in Adoddle Field: The Defects module is improved to allow users to create new defects from recent defects. Users can also copy a defect by swiping right to create a new defect.
Please click here to see the Product Release notes.

Your feedback is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback.

Kind regards

The Asite Product Team

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