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Adoddle 19.8 Release
Posted: 19 August 2017 05:07 PM   [ Ignore ]
Devendra Gera -  - Asite Solutions Ltd
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Joined  2009-06-19

We are pleased to announce the release of Adoddle 19.8 to our user community as of 19th August 2017.

The Adoddle 19.8release has exciting new features as well as bug fixes:
Manage Project Templates in Adoddle View: You can now manage the template folder structure along with meta data from Adoddle view.
Support for Folder Level Metadata Configuration: Administrators now have an ability to apply specific attribute values to folders. This allows you to control the list of metadata values available to the users when publishing documents.
Filter files associated to specific form: You can now isolate files associated to a form on a button click and perform your batch actions on them – talk about time saving!!!
Support for Geo-tagging your files from a map: You can now Geo Tag your files when they are published. You can make this available by applying map based configurable attribute.
Automatic conversion of reviewed files to pdf: You can now set your workflow processes to have reviewed files automatically converted to pdf and made available as a new revision. This is available via a new System action automating the process of converting completed mark-ups, comments and signatures in native file formats to PDF.
Support for Italian language: Adoddle now supports Italian language within its interface.
New Features in Adoddle Field: :
- Support of copying of Defects / Snags in Plan view: Users are now able to copy a defect / snag in the Plan view making it easier to log similar defects.
- Actioning from email notifications received your mobile devices: You can now complete your actions by tapping links received in email notifications on your devices – complete your actions on the go!!!

Discontinuation of Web Mobile Version: Asite Web Mobile Version (cMOB) will be discontinued after Release 19.9. Moving forward only the Adoddle Field app will be supported on mobile devices.
Please click here to see the Product Release notes.

Your feedback is valuable to us, so please keep sending us your feedback.

Kind regards

The Asite Product Team

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