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Asite is selected by Birse Rail Ltd to provide tendering solution on behalf of client Network Rail 

Birse Rail Limited chose Asite to provide an online tendering solution for their Structures Framework Contract (SFC) in association with their client, Network Rail Infrastructures Limited. Their Structures Framework Contract started in 2000 and in recognition of their performance they were successfully awarded a two-year extension to their contract, until 2005.

Birse Rail Limited’s SFC Contract covers the planning, design and implementation of repairs and renewals to major structures, including bridges and tunnels, as well as a programme of embankment strengthening work. Tendering online is seen by Birse Rail as a key way of improving communication and reducing project costs.

“We expect to dramatically reduce the administrative overhead of managing the tenders for the framework agreement as well as improving visibility on behalf of our client, Network Rail. The visible audit trail and fast track communication process that it facilitates will also ensure a more proactive communication network with our supply chain during the tender process whilst maintaining the integrity and security of the tender process” said Victoria Hill-Stanford, Supply Chain Manager at Birse Rail Limited.

Victoria adds: “The Asite platform provided all the functionality we needed, yet is very simple to use and cost effective. The support services from Asite will ensure that our users and suppliers are completely comfortable with using the tool, so that we can progress quickly with using it within our business.”

Asite has been designed to automate the existing tender process in a secure online environment. It allows the upload of tender specifications to a central area for easy access by authorised bidders, removing the need for the manual copying and distribution of tender documents and updates. Online communications improve the speed and clarity of information exchange and bid submissions are made to separate secure bid areas, ensuring the confidentiality of all bidders.