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Why is Asite Grosvenor's collaboration software provider of choice? 

Grosvenor Estates has been working with Asite since 2001 and in the duration it has become clear that Asite gives Grosvenor the control and visibility they require to successfully run their projects. From conception to handover - and beyond, Asite provides the tools for Grosvenor's consultants and construction partners to effectively manage their projects.

The Challenge

Grosvenor first engaged Asite in late 2001, to provide a collaboration service for the planning stage of the Paradise Street Development, in Liverpool. Asite worked with Grosvenor's appointed Architects, BDP, to develop protocols which would lay down the basic requirements and processes such as file naming conventions and commenting rules. 

These protocols would set the standard for the duration of this multi-site 42 acre development, plus specific requirements for the current stage of the project, which resulted in the deployment of a Master Plan site.Upon appointment of the construction partner Asite worked with the project team to further develop the protocols for this stage and deployed an individual site for each project, plus a number to cater for site wide documentation. Asite's unique project-to-project linking capability was used to ensure common use of documents.

The Benefits

From early on in the Paradise Street Development in 2001, it became apparent that developing a standard approach to deploying these tools and methodologies across all projects would be of great advantage. Benefits could be derived in:

  • implementation time i.e. reduction in system site set-up
  • user acceptance of the protocols
  • common data collection methods
  • streamlined processes

These would ultimately result in a reduction in cost, whilst improving efficiencies. This goal has now been realised. A year later the exact same process formed the basis for the implementation on the Grand Arcade project.

Following on from this Grosvenor, along with its joint venture partners, has deployed Asite collaboration on a number of further projects using this standard. Grosvenor's aim is to get this solution adopted at the earliest stages on the process to ensure all information is collected and stored accordingly.

Grosvenor and Asite were awarded the IT Showcase award in 2007 in the Best Construction Process Management category for the deployment and use of Asite Collaboration on this project. A vast amount of project generated information was effectively captured and managed via Asite Project Workflow both from the inception of the design phase through to handover of the completed buildings.

Moving forward the appropriate sites will be moved over to the management company who, along with their aintenance contractors, will use them to access O & M information online. This will mean that Asite will be used for the complete life cycle of the project.

Asite has enabled Grosvenor to monitor processes such as Drawing Issue and Review by the provision of reports which give project managers the information they need to control their project. Using Asite has been instrumental in helping Grosvenor reap the benefit of significantly improving response times which reduce build times and ultimately costs.

Grosvenor recognised the benefits of the early appointment approach and subsequently appointed Asite to the Grand Arcade (Cambridge) development. Once again Asite worked with the appointed Architects, hapman Taylor, to develop the initial protocols and subsequently with the construction team.

The use of Asite enabled the easy distribution and notification of documents with assigned tasks, the ability to comment on documents and provide a fully audited project management tool.



Grosvenor and Asite both realise that implementing new project management systems and the protocols to support them has to be undertaken as part of an ongoing process. Changes in working practises, new features and feed-back captured from users and fed back into the overall process are essential contributors to finely tuning the deployment process. In late 2007 Grosvenor carried out a survey on their projects using Asite to gather all user feedback and to capture lessons learnt from the use of features already available in the solution.

Grosvenor's use of Asite has provided the ability to control and report on the flow of information over Grosvenor's entire project portfolio thus reducing risks and improving productivity and control throughout. Asite is an innovative organisation with a clear focus on the client. We are constantly developing our products and services to meet the needs of our clients. The ongoing close working relationship Asite has with Grosvenor has yielded two-way benefits, as a number of enhancements have been made to Asite's applications based on comments and requests received from Grosvenor projects.


About Grosvenor

Grosvenor Property and Partnership are specialist developers, investors and fund managers working within the residential, retail, office and industrial sectors of the construction development market. Grosvenor's presence on the international stage sees established offices in many cites in diverse parts of the world. This 'global' presence allows Grosvenor to respond on a 'local' level - acknowledging and incorporating cultural and social considerations as a matter of paramount importance.

“Using Asite Workspace has been of great benefit to Grosvenor. It has given us easy access to our project data and we can clearly see what and where progress is being made. It has helped communication between all our project delivery partners.” Steve Brewer, Project Management Director at Grosvenor.