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EasyBuild is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the construction industry that addresses all the accountancy, CVR, and overall project management requirements of the construction industry.

Their client base consists of builders and developers who want to keep an eye on construction costs. This ranges from traditional building contractors and house builders through to specialist subcontractors such as concrete frame, groundwork and scaffolding firms and project cost consultants.

The EasyBuild ERP system helps you manage and control your construction projects by giving you complete and instant access to its progress - take real time snapshots of how profitable your project is with full analysis of costs, revenues, liabilities and surveyor adjustments.

Using Oracle technology and state of the art interface, EasyBuild erp simplifies the process of getting data into the system and makes it easy to get the reports you need out. EasyBuild is modular, flexible and very powerful enabling it to grow with your business and its requirements.