Posted by Emily Hodges on 26-Jan-2015
Emily Hodges


Posted by Emily Hodges on 26-Jan-2015 10:00:00
Emily Hodges

It's amazing being back in Darling Harbour and looking at the cranes around the Old Convention Center, knowing that we created Build Sydney Live around IT. To look back at the models that were created a year ago, I can't wait to see the actual model for this fantastic project. Today is Australia Day and the entire harbour is preparing itself for the fireworks - hopefully if these guys use cBIM there will be no fireworks when they hand over - only collaborative celebrations.


Since we ran the competition we have brought Bombardier, Blackwoods and BOC on board here in Oz to name a few. IT makes me so proud of our team here, which is about to get much bigger.


Come on cBIM.