Posted by Emily Hodges on 15-Jan-2015
Emily Hodges


Posted by Emily Hodges on 15-Jan-2015 10:00:00
Emily Hodges

I recently returned from a skiing trip to Austria (not bragging) where I bumped into a bunch of guys/gals from our industry. They had various roles, but all without exception used some form of collaboration tools.  Their main requirements for 2015 were and in this order:

* Mobility 
* Mashup capabilities/Big Data
* collaborative BIM in conjunction with the first two

This was music to my ears and the Hills were Alive with it :) - go on Miss Andrews.

The great news for these young energetic practitioners within our industry is that there is a plethora of Apps coming to the rescue - IT's Adoddle from here on in.

Then they went and Après collaborated to the wee small hours....I went to BIM, I mean bed.