Posted by Emily Hodges on 18-Nov-2014
Emily Hodges


Posted by Emily Hodges on 18-Nov-2014 10:00:00
Emily Hodges

Gnitekram is reverse marketing - tell us what you want to do and we will help you do IT.


Tell us what's wrong in your business. What needs to be improved?


Adoddle has got functionality supporting everything from concept to completion, and beyond. We’ve got it covered; so which bit do you need help with?


I've been in Sales and Marketing all my life - ever since I spoke my first word. I know it brought emotion to my parents. Clearly this was not commercial but it soon became commercial once I left school. I've honed these skills every day since. The ability to make people think and help them to make the right decision is crucial to all of us. Whether it be parenting or providing the best solution to a commercial issue - we all need advice and we all need to listen.


With this in mind I had an idea: Gnitekram. This is Marketing spelled backwards. It's reverse Marketing. Rather than Asite telling you everything we do, over and above anyone else in the market - why don't you tell us what you need and we will deliver IT?


When you go to the doctor they don't start with selling you drugs. That's for drug dealers. They ask what your ailments are and then they prescribe a prescription to solve the problem. We are the doctor for your IT issues and we are here to provide prescriptions that work. This is why what we do is called Software as a Service. The key is the service – not just the software!


Gnitekram is how we have been able to engage with our most successful customer accounts. So, here’s to more Gnitekram (and less marketing) in the future!