Stanhope & Bovis Lend Lease benefit from using Asite Collaboration Services on 95 QVS

Stanhope and Bovis Lend Lease made measured savings of £231K on the landmark £20m 95 Queen Victoria Street, EC4, project using collaboration software provided by Asite. The key contributors to the savings were: more efficient processes for the review of drawings and easier data storage and retrieval. The collaboration tool was voted as the top "value-added" initiative that should be transferred to the next project.


Work was completed on the 95 Queen Victoria Street in December 2002. It is a striking, contemporary building, developed by Legal & General in the heart of the City of London. The building is a virtual island with roads straddling either side of the plot and the circle and district line running along one side.


The project used a best practice partnering approach, involving trade contractors at an early stage of the construction process. The trade contractors were able to easily review and comment on designs using the project collaboration tool, resulting in fewer changes needed further into the project. Stanhope and Bovis Lend Lease chose Asite to deliver web-based collaboration software, primarily to improve communications.


Other key objectives were to achieve:

  • Reduced project risk through productivity gains and improved communications
  • Provide everyone with access to the latest information
  • Improve the speed of access to project drawings and documents
  • Provide remote access to the content
  • Reduce environmental impact by decreasing the amount of paper used


The Solution

The solution enabled authorised members of the Stanhope project team to view, share and review project information simply by logging onto The tool was managed by Asite and customised to Stanhope's requirements and specific project processes.


57 companies were set up to use the collaboration tool, including clients, tenants, design teams and over 40 trade contractors in both the UK and Europe. In total there were 331 users and approximately half of these users received training. The project team used the collaboration tool to manage all types of project information, from drawings through to invoices - a total of over 6000 documents. All drawings, produced in both AutoCAD and Microstation have been published to the collaboration tool by both design teams and trade contractors.


The benefits

Easier data storage & retrieval (44% cost savings) - This was one of the key benefits of using Asite Collaboration. As well as saving time finding documents, it minimises the amount of rework needed and enables individuals to obtain access to information to the level of detail which they need.


Process efficiency savings (30% cost savings) - For example, drawing approval times were reduced from an average of 20 days per drawing (Oct 2001 - March/April 2002) to 9.2 days (May to July 2002) per drawing.


Reduction in re-work and errors - It is clear which is the latest document which reduces the risk of errors and re-work that is needed.


Other cost savings -Costs of paper, postage and couriers are also reduced. Martin Long, Project Director, estimates that on a project the size of the Queen Victoria Street project, £15,000 might be spent on courier costs. Although the exact amount of paper was not formally benchmarked, "instead of finding hundreds of filing cabinets in the site office, we would be lucky to find 10 of them!"


Reduced project risk - Tim Varley, Associate Director, Legal & General Property, views Asite Collaboration as good "insurance". By improving communications, it reduces time and, therefore, the risk of project over-run, which on a complex project, such as 95QVS, would be extremely costly.


Company Profile

Legal and General Property Limited, was the client for the 95 Queen Victoria Street project, Stanhope was the developer and Bovis Lend Lease the contractor. Legal & General Property Ltd, part of Legal & General Investment Management, are experienced central London property investors and developers with over £600m invested in the city. Other current major projects include St Giles Court, WC2, Fortress House, Saville Row, W1 and the Bucklersbury Complex, EC4.


Stanhope plc is a private company specialising in commercial and mixed use developments within central London and the South East. The Stanhope team has been involved in some of the most notable developments in London over the last 20 years. Both investors and occupiers acknowledge its reputation for innovative, high quality design and efficient low risk delivery.


Bovis Lend Lease ranks among the world's leading project and construction management companies, supporting the needs of communities, governments, commerce and industry on a local, national and multinational level. With over 7,500 employees in 93 offices worldwide, the company is constantly seeking to improve management technique and practices that enhance client returns.



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Ash Bailey

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"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission critical corporate collaboration."

Steve Brewer


"Using Asite Workspace has been of great benefit to Grosvenor. It has given us easy access to our project data and we can clearly see what and where progress is being made. It has helped communication between all our project delivery partners"

Matthew Riley

BAA Commercial Director for Terminal 5

"Over the last year Asite has delivered significant time and cost benefits to BAA's projects, typically reducing out-turn costs by 2%"

95 Queen Victoria Street project team,

"Asite Collaboration was voted as "Top added value tool to take to the next project."

Paul Davey,

Bovis Lend Lease

"There is less rework as people use the right information, first time. There is no argument as to whether a document is the latest, and the one which should be used."