Transport For London case study

Enhancing a crucial, complex mission.

One of the key responsibilities for TFL is to engage with communities, business and stakeholders, and to commit to the continual improvement of their service. This means an ever-growing portfolio of construction projects, as well as the maintenance of existing facilities. Transport for London's delivery strategy also includes strong commitments to protecting the environment, improving air quality and engaging in responsible procurement, ambitions which legally extend to their many construction projects.

The Challenge

The challenges presented by TFL were twofold.
The first challenge related to the ability to retain, retrieve and share current project information.
The Second related to the management of contacts, at
the procurement stage, throughout the project, and at
project end.

Project Information

Project information was being stored and shared in various forms: email, fax, phone, desktop, server, filling cabinet.
This presented several problems:

Improve project managment

Version control

There was little clarity of certainty around retrieving the current version of information. This was particularly pertinent when considering construction drawings, where using the wrong version could have expensive and dangerous consequences.

Collaborate better in the cloud

Time wasting

Time was being wasted attempting to find information that could have been better spent on individuals carrying out role-related tasks.

Save time through automation

Staff turnover

The storage of information on desktops and individuals email, meant that annual leave cover and staff turnover could result in the loss of information.

Enhance financial control


Legal requirements to retain deliverable project information for a number of years could not be met in any meaningful way.

Contract Administration

In terms of contract management, there was no standardlised set of NEC3 contract forms. There was also no facility to live-track projects in terms of change, schedule or cost. This presented several problems:

Responsible Procurement - there was no meaningful way of engaging in, or reporting on, a responsible procurement process.

Change control - there was no meaningful way of engaging in, or reporting on, a responsible procurement process.

Accuracy - TFL could not guarantee that staff and contractors were using the correct forms in their correct format, nor that the information contained within the forms, was being accurately recorded.

Reporting - lack of visibility made statutory progress reporting time consuming, and risked inaccuracies.

Liability - lack of process and evidence meant that TFL may have found themselves liable for events that should have been the responsibility other parties.

The Solution

Our challenge was to bring all information together and provide a single source of data, that could be easily retrieved, audited and reported on. Our solution was to implement the Adoddle Common Data Environment which delivers an integrated management system, offering transparency and security for the entire TFL enterprise.

Adoddle - Project Information Management

Adoddle provides TFL with a centralised folder structure to store and share documents. It automatically manages revisions to documents, making current information instantly accessible to other members of the workspace. It has the facility for discussion forums, notifications and the ability to map processes and workflows, all tracked within the system. It has allowed TFL to:

  • -Create a centralised hierarchical folder structure to store and share documents;

  • -Drag-an-drop documents directly into the platform;

  • -Apply mandatory document meta-tagging for easy retrieved of data;

  • -Search for documents using a powerful se arch facility including indexed content search;

  • -Use Asite Upload Manager to share documents and .ifc models with other members of the workspace;

  • -Notify workspace members of documents;

  • - Manage revisions of documents and track interactions with the documents in an extensive audit trail;

  • -Collaboratively review and mark-up documents;

  • -Track additional information regarding documents such as titles, purpose of issue and status; and

  • -Automatically track e-mails within Asite using email integration.

Adoddle - Contract Administration Management System (CAMS)

The Contract Administration App gives real-time visibility and control across the contract process. The tool provides TFL with a secure system to send notifications. BY assigning time-based actions it helps ensure that contractors reply within the agreed timescales. It also provides a centralised auditable view of all of notifications across all contracts, ensuring everyone is dealing with the same information. The CAMs app caters for many different contract types:

Improve project managment

The CAMs app caters for many different contract types:

  • - NEC3 Option A, C, and E

  • - Engineering and Construction Short Contract Option A.

  • - Term Services Contract (TSC)

  • - Professional Services Contract (PSC)

  • - Non-NEC Contracts

  • - Sub-Contractor Contracts and STAKE (Option G PSC variant)

Collaborate better in the cloud

The CAMS app has also provided a suit of standardised forms, which allows TFL to:

  • - Securely manage from processes online within Asite.

  • - Quickly convert Paper / MS Office forms into Web-forms.

  • - Route and track forms within Asite to gain full control.

  • - Customise formatting and data collected using simple

  • - Use Asite form templates to quickly start managing industry standard processes.

  • - Customise templates to match TFL's culture & branding.

The Benefits

Improve project managment

All contract and project information is held in a single source.
The administration of NEC contracts has been standardised throughout TFL.
No changes, variations or compensation events will have meaning outside of the system.
All information will be available via a collaborative platform

Collaborate better in the cloud

TFL are able to report on the progress of any element of works.
TFL can confidently share current and approved versions.
Information is easily searched for and retrieved.
TFL now have the ability to live-track a project in terms of change, schedule and cost.

Transport for London is an integrated transport authority responsible for delivering London's strategy and commitments on transport. As well as running the day-to-day operation of London's public transport network, it managers London's main roads. The services it operates include: London Underground, London Buses, Docklands Light Railway, London Overgound, TFL Rail, London Trams, London River Services, London Dail-a-Ride, Victoria Coach Station, Santander Cycles, and Emirates Air Line.

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"Using Asite Workspace has been of great benefit to Grosvenor. It has given us easy access to our project data and we can clearly see what and where progress is being made. It has helped communication between all our project delivery partners"

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