Take Control Of Your Project Documents with Construction Document Management Software

Store, track and manage all your construction documents and drawings on a single centralized platform

Make collaboration, reviews, and approvals simple with built-in, customizable workflows for every team member and process

Streamline document management and ensure all your project's documents are timely, accurate, and available to all project team members

Don't change your process, supercharge it with seamless integrations with your current programs. View and collaborate on 300+ file types.



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Manage files and enhance collaboration across the project lifecycle


Centralized hub for all project documents with full audit trail ensuring the team is working on the right version


Mark-up and review designs across the project team through the built-in mark-up and collaboration tools 


Avoid each party managing 
their own filing system with automated file distribution

Improve the accuracy of project documents through automated workflows and an extensive audit trail

Version control can eat up time and resources. Asite’s Document Management software automatically manages document updates and notifies teams when files are ready for review, dramatically reducing the risk of working on outdated information.

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Workflow Structure

Build a system that optimizes your project management with custom workflows that offer the most streamlined solution

Every project is unique so every document management system should be too. Customize team member accessibility, set up a unique tagging and naming system, and select which files require additional details

Collaborate and review mark-up documents using the built-in tool or by integrating a third-party system 

Keeping everyone on the same page should be easy. Effortlessly collaborate on documents with the project team using mark-up overlays and the comment feature. The mark-up tool offers editing, shapes, clouds, annotations/text box, arrows, lines, callouts, stamps, signatures and measuring features.

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Keep everyone on the same page with the accurate

information they need to get the job done right the first time.  


Review & Approve

Complete tasks and manage documents with accuracy through automated workflows


Secure & Flexible 

Configure folder access based on user privilege


Tag and Search

Easy Search

Create an extensive search index through a custom tagging system


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Fully integrative platform supporting all essential document formats

The Asite Document Management solution supports the federation of all essential document formats including IFC, Revit, Rhino, and more. The plugin speeds up the movement of model files into Asite directly from Revit to ensure the most integrated platform experience.

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