Collaborative BIM(cBIM)

Collaboration is at the heart of successful construction projects, but without effective cBIM, design is often left out of the loop. 3D models are often only available to key design team members, causing confusion and errors.

Our cBIM platform allows project members to view and comment on models, as well as link them to existing documents within a Common Data Environment (CDE). The result is a truly collaborative BIM and Digital Engineering.


Single Source of Truth

  • Common Data Environment (CDE) with custom metadata.
  • Access latest revisions in office or onsite.
  • Control versions and use shared comment threads.

BIM Collaboration & approvals

  • Use CDE cloud based review and approvals.
  • Check-out files to prevent others editing.

Workflow Control

  • Configure multiple workflows to match processes.
  • Track and report on overdue tasks.

Version Tracking

  • Track and store all revisions in the CDE.
  • Compare changes between revisions.
  • Use placeholders to reserve document number.


  • Access full history for every Adoddle file.
  • Deactivate files as opposed to delete.
  • View time stamp against all user actions.

Limitless Metadata

  • Configure mandatory naming conventions.
  • Amend conventions throughout project.
  • Search and report on CDE metadata.

Information Delivery Plan (IDP)


  • Allow input from client and suppliers.
  • Combine task IDP’s from all suppliers.
  • Control security rights.

Deliverable Tracking

  • Track deliverables by colour: red, amber, green
  • Combine items into stages and packages.
  • Creation of planned placeholders.

Integrated to the Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Fully integrated in to the CDE.
  • Run reports from Adoddle on project delivery.
  • Link to existing project documents.
  • Link to operations and maintenance information.


  • No requirement to manually update delivery logs.
  • Trigger workflows automatically from item delivery.
  • Track tasks in detail with due dates.
  • Delivers information straight onto the IDP.

Common Data Environment (CDE)


Online BIM and Digital Engineering collaboration to share and manage information


Supporting projects from inception to completion and beyond


Everything stored in one secure, central location (CDE)  


Applying Common Data Environment (CDE) principles

Model Federation

BIM Collaboration

  • View and comment on federated models.
  • Use cloud based mark-up tools.
  • Create tasks and queries relating to model objects.

Object Tree

  • IFC model broken down to individual object level.
  • Run queries and searches on model.
  • Switch on and off each individual element.
  • Link other files to aid asset management.

IFC Federation

  • Push models from authoring tools into Adoddle.
  • Fully federated export available.
  • Use clash detection across the federated model.
  • View combinations of the federation by turning on and off work sets.

Version Tracking

  • View revision history for each work set.
  • View all actions and tasks associated with the model.
  • Run a delta report on any changes.
  • Push models directly out of Revit using Adoddle
  • Navigator plug-in.

Clash Detection

  • Easily detect clashes in models (clash tests).
  • Build lists to remedy clashes.
  • Zoom / isolate views to examine detail.
  • Share detail with relevant parties to address clashes.


Federated Model Import and Export

  • Import federated models from different sources.
  • Make adjustments through COBie import.
  • Export project federated model into COBie format
  • Generate a delta report on the object adjustments between revisions.

Information Delivery Plan

  • Standardise submission of project deliverables.
  • Link COBie outputs from IDP to Common Data Environment.

ISO19650, BS1192 and PAS1192


  • Configure system to align directly with standards.
  • Standardise ways of working.
  • Utilise consultancy service to educate staff.

Clarity of information

  • Colour code statuses.
  • Automate quality workflows to identify non-compliant data.
  • Set access levels.

Enforced process flow

  • Automatic triggers to defined gateways.
  • Control access to documents.
  • Out of the box configuration.

Pre-defined metadata

  • Out of the box, standard naming convention.
  • Create mandatory metadata.
  • Simple drop-down selection of metadata.

Revit plug-in

Autodesk Revit Plugin

Revit plugin available to support publishing .IFC files directly from within Revit to Adoddle.


Adoddle Robot

Enable smarter Information management


Act with greater clarity and speed


Save time through automation


Maintain a full audit trail