Enhance on-site efficiency, with a fully mobile solution

Adoddle Field is a simple, easy-to-use tool that enables project collaboration and messaging with contacts and project teams on the move or anywhere for that matter. Set tasks, publish and share drawings, photos, and files of any type, and always have access to the very latest set of project information no matter where your work takes you. Mark-up documents and drawings and issue actions to team members, allowing you to stay on top of time-critical review processes.

Raise forms such as RFIs (Request for Information), defects/punch lists, or any other apps available in the Adoddle AppLibrary or your own created apps. Issue them to team members directly from your Mobile device with direct and automatic links to the relevant parts of any file. The Adoddle platform maintains a full and complete audit trail of all communications as a project progresses.

Offline Working

  • View files, apps and defects when on the move, using offline working.
  • Raise new apps or defects out on site and synchronise to Adoddle when connected to the internet.

Document Management

  • View over 300 different file types in Adoddle Field.
  • Comprehensive mark up and red-lining tool.
  • Comment and collaborate on files.
  • No need to convert to PDF or hold costly application licences.

Mobile BIM

  • View all your 2D / 3D files on the fly.
  • Comprehensive mark up and red-lining tool.
  • Comment and collaborate on 2D and 3D models including federated models.
  • No need for native application.

Defect Management

  • Adoddle field offers a defect management solution which is easy to use.
  • Add photos, videos or sound clips.
  • Markup your photos to further describe snags, defects and other site issues.
  • Capture defects in offline mode.
  • Keep it secure in a cloud.
  • Complete construction defect management.

Defects, Snags & Punchlists

Adoddle field enables your team to create, view and modify defects using their smartphone or tablet devices with construction defect management software. It features an advanced plan viewer allowing users to pin-point the location of a defect via intelligent drawings, plans or elevations.

Select a zone, pan and drop a pin in the desired location. Adoddle then automatically identifies and associates the relevant reference for the location, e.g. room, area, level, building. Speak with our sales team to learn more about Adoddle benefits.


Site Inspections

  • On the spot site inspections and defect logging.
  • Fully auditable and secure.
  • Comment and collaborate on files.
  • Work offline and synchronise when connected.
  • Construction field management software.

Task Tracking

  • Assign tasks and track deadlines and milestones across your projects.
  • See a real-time dashboard of your overdue, upcoming and completed tasks.
  • All stakeholders receive instant notifications and daily summaries of tasks.
  • Clear and Delegate tasks.

AppBuilder Apps

  • Build your own applications to run on Adoddle field.
  • Apps are automatically available for offline working.
  • Auto resizing of app to fit your mobile device.