Posted by Emily Hodges on 12-Nov-2013 10:00:00
Emily Hodges
12-Nov-2013 10:00:00

Asite to attend Open BIM / COBie Field Trials - Industry Feedback, London

Keynote Speaker: Professor David Philp, Head of BIM, UK BIM Task Group


Why is COBie important?


Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) is a vital link between the government’s BIM and Soft Landings strategies. To enable the process to run smoothly, a way must be found to provide reliable data transfer from the Building Information Model, to the COBie data sheets, during design and construction phases. For the process to work effectively, it needs to be automated as much as possible.

COBie was developed as a sub-set of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), it is therefore logical to use IFC as a route for data transfer. The advantages of this solution grow exponentially when the multiple software platforms that are used in a typical construction project are considered.

During the summer of 2013, the OPEN BIM Network merged with buildingSMART UK to form a User Group. In partnership with the BIM Academy, it has defined a series of COBie Field Trials comprising Tier 1 contractors working with live models provided by Gatwick Airport Ltd. The objectives are to identify efficient workflows and inform all involved in the process (client, contractors and supporting vendors), regarding any issues arising – thereby providing valuable input into developing standards and technologies.


Asite Adoddle Aces buildingSMART alliance 2013 COBie Challenge

Asite have successfully completed the COBie Construction Challenge 2013 organised by the buildingSMART Alliance. COBie is an emerging standard internationally in information exchange for the Built Environment – including being a key component of the UK Government Construction Strategy published in 2011. Click here to download the brochure