Complete Asset Lifecycle Management

A complex, ever-changing register of capital assets is difficult to keep track of without time-consuming and expensive audits. Whatever your assets, whether retail, healthcare or infrastructure, Asite Digital Twin provides up-to-date data throughout the lifecycle of an asset

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Asset Registers


Streamline asset management

Streamline your asset management and asset information model processes 
to improve service and reduce costs.

Better understand and manage your assets by
taking a 360-degree view of your full asset portfolio.

Realise Economies

Realize economies of scale by utilizing a single
environment to build an inventory for your complex assets.

Input asset object data through multiple means, including IFC models and COBie, as well as direct entry.


Asset Information



Maintain your golden thread of information.



A complete Planned and Preventive maintenance solution in alignment with asset information model requirements.

Manage your object data, available anytime, regardless of location.

Generate work orders for specific assets, locations or routes.

Provide detailed descriptions of preventive maintenance work performed by assigning one or more job plans to the record.

Clear and easy to use with ease of navigation and access to information - full audit trail available for all actions executed.

Work Orders

Simply creating a great work order doesn’t guarantee success. That work order must also be managed properly.

A solid system for managing the lifecycle of a work order ensures it is passed smoothly from one step to the next utilizing Asite's powerful workflow engine.

Asite's Work Order Management helps you avoid all sorts of problems, like a lack of accountability, high costs, increased downtime and crushing backlog. All orders have full auditability. 



No matter how much you plan, sometimes the unforeseen happens. 

Standardized techniques and procedures are utilized for efficient and prompt feedback, analysis, ongoing management and reporting of incidents.

Enhanced visibility and communication of incidents to project teams onsite.

Align incident management activities and priorities with those of the business.