Adoddle Field for Site

Adoddle Field for Site ensures that those working on-site always have access to the latest project information and can immediately raise and create site tasks, such as punch lists, defects and snags, on the App.

Offline functionality allows users to access all site locations on a calibrated plan and raise site tasks with supporting media from the device, such as photos. Once the device obtains a network connection, changes made when offline will automatically synchronize across to the web and allocate user tasks accordingly.

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Punch Lists, Defects & Snagging

Adoddle Field for Site enables your team to create, view and modify defects using their smartphone or tablet devices with construction defect management software. It features an advanced plan viewer allowing users to pin-point the location of a defect via intelligent drawings, plans or elevations.

Select a zone, pan and drop a pin in the desired location. The Asite platform then automatically identifies and associates the relevant reference for the location, e.g. room, area, level, building.

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