Posted by Emily Hodges on 21-May-2012 06:00:00
Emily Hodges
21-May-2012 06:00:00

Build London Live, 2012 Edition - an OpenBIM Event


Building on the global success of Build London Live 2008 and 2009, Asite and AEC3 will once again bring together BIM practitioners across the globe in a showcase of their collaborative design and engineering talent and collaborative BIM capabilities.

Kicking off at noon, May 21st; the online event will continue through to noon, May 23rd, concluding ahead of the BuildingSmart International executive briefing in London where the winners will be announced via a live webinar feed.

Bringing Design Professionals Together

Design professionals and experts in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) will join together online in a team competition to create the most elegant solutions based on a time-constrained design brief. Each team will be allocated a unique plot in a common design context with 48 hours to contribute to an ambitious master plan for a site in the heart of London.

Build London Live 2012 will again redefine the standards expected from design competitions by creating the world's most collaborative Building Information Model (BIM) with combined talent from all over the world. Previous winners include BIM Vikings (Norway), BIM Japan, Super Team Singapore, Ryder Architecture (UK), 3D Blueprint (India), Southern Axis (Chile), University of Nebraska – Lincoln (USA), Teams BIM Education (USA) and Food for Thot (USA).