Posted by Adoddle on 07-Oct-2015 01:09:00
07-Oct-2015 01:09:00

CIBSE YEN London & London South Bank University present... The Paperless Office

They said "future offices will be paperless" when computers began entering the workplace. They also said the paper letter will be replaced by e-mail. Neither has come true – until now!

Since being introduced to the workplace the computer has evolved from being an office equipment item to an indispensable tool for multiple industries, including our own. Gone are the days when we relied on postal communications, which could take days. In the internet connected office communications can be sent in seconds. This created a new problem however: the excessive printing of emails and their attachments to appraise what can seem like a never-ending series of revisions, which are now occurring faster than ever as a result of rapid communications.

In the year 2015 mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, have matured to such an extent that they are considered indispensable tools for many engineers in much the same way as a computer. With this rise in mobile devices, and more integrated cloud based software solutions, it is time to ditch that trusty office companion - the printer!

This event features first-hand experience from our committee’s own Dwight Wilson as he trials a paperless workflow in his office. We will also be joined by Nick Blenkarn of Seeable to demonstrate a software solution to the "I'll print you a copy" problem which we face with 3D BIM models.