Posted by Adoddle on 27-Jun-2017 09:24:00
27-Jun-2017 09:24:00

E-Procurement in the Construction Industry – an Asite Webinar

E-Procurement is gaining popularity in the construction business and a variety of benefits have encouraged its adoption, such as an increase in competitiveness and reducing of costs. E-Procurement could bring significant value to firms, but it seems people know very little empirically about the actual outcomes of its implementation in the construction industry.

This webinar addresses this gap in knowledge through a case study of one of the largest contactors in the world, whom have moved beyond the basic stages of E-Procurement. The finding indicates that the value of E-Procurement is expanded to improvements in operational and tactical areas. Improvements in market access and customer/supplier relationships are also realised.

These findings provide useful guidelines for construction firms that wish to embark upon and E-Procurement adoption journey. Furthermore, the measures produced here may be used as a benchmarking exercise for the firms who have already embarked on their e-Procurement evolution.


Tue 27 June 2017

15:00 – 16:00 BST


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