Posted by Emily Hodges on 20-Mar-2014 07:00:00
Emily Hodges
20-Mar-2014 07:00:00

Enterprise Cloud Computing & Virtualization 2014

Asite Revolutionises Corporate Collaboration, Slashes Costs and Gears for Further Global Expansion with Dimension Data’s Global Cloud Platform

Andy Lancaster, Director for Cloud Services UK, Dimension Data

Tony Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Asite

This presentation will discuss:

Founded in 2001 Asite’s vision was to offer hosted applications and solutions designed for the construction industry and enable the UK to build better, safer and more cost-effective buildings


In 2006, Asite refined its strategy on delivering even greater levels of business value to its extensive client base, many of which were driving large-scale, high-profile construction projects  


With the stage set for their next phase of growth and profitability, Asite needed to find ways to reduce its costs – specifically those related to application hosting


Find out how Cloud services have delivered 30% cost reduction to Asite, facilitated global expansion and opened the door to fantastic growth and profitability possibilities

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