Posted by Emily Hodges on 10-Mar-2016 09:00:00
Emily Hodges
10-Mar-2016 09:00:00

Join Asite at the Build Sydney 2016 Expo

Whilst growth rates in the construction industry across most of Australia have tapered-off recently, Sydney’s construction sector continues to boom. Sydney’s economy is arguably the strongest in Australia as the city continues to develop itself into a global metropolis and financial hub. Phenomenal growth rates in the property market driven by a chronic under supply of dwellings, has led to a record number of unit approvals in recent times. Meanwhile high numbers of infrastructure projects are ensuring the construction sector in Sydney continues to outpace the rest of Australia. From transport to residential construction; from university refurbishment to the Barangaroo project – the number of infrastructure & construction projects in Sydney is vast and wide ranging. Sydney Build is the leading new Construction Expo for Sydney. Sydney Build is the ideal opportunity for your organisation to get involved in Sydney’s booming construction industry; and to access major contractors, developers and suppliers from Sydney and across Australia.