Posted by Adoddle on 11-Oct-2017 04:56:00
11-Oct-2017 04:56:00

Join Asite for an interactive webinar showcasing the Adoddle Field App!

15:00 – 16:00 BST (London) | 10:00 – 11:00 EST (New York) | 14-00 - 15:00 SAST (Johannesburg)



This webinar will demonstrate Asite's Adoddle cloud platform Field App which can be utilized for punch-lists, snagging, defects management and on site tasks such as safety reports, inspections etc. either on or offline. Removing the need for disparate systems and securing all your project information in one place on the Adoddle platform.


Adoddle Field is a simple, easy-to-use tool that enables project collaboration with contacts and project teams on the move or anywhere on a job site. Adoddle Field is graphically improved and have bunch of exciting features.


Sign in with your Adoddle account to publish and share drawings, photos, and files of any type, and always have access to the very latest set of project information no matter where your work takes you. Mark-up documents and drawings and issue actions to team members, allowing you to stay on top of time-critical review processes. View and mark-up Building Information Models (BIM) in 3D, including the ability to drill down into the components of the model and review discipline-specific elements.


Adoddle Field enables you to view and review multiple model files from disparate BIM Authoring toolsets merged into one unified model in Adoddle cBIM in the cloud. Raise RFIs, Defects / Punchlists, or any of the hundreds of other project workflow forms available in the Adoddle App Library and issue them to team members directly from your smart device with direct and automatic links to the relevant parts of any file or model. The Adoddle platform maintains a full and complete audit trail of all communications as a project progresses.


Key Features:

  • Create project workflow forms such as RFIs, Defects / Punchlists
  • Manage unlimited folders and files
  • View over 300 different file formats directly on your smart device with no other software required
  • 3D view of BIM Model files
  • Merge and view multiple BIM model files merged into one unified project model
  • Mark up drawings, documents, photos, and BIM models in the field
  • Complete Quality Assurance and Compliance forms while in the field
  • Create and save site notes to a folder on your project
  • Integrate all Adoddle Field information directly into the world-class Adoddle collaboration platform for project teams
  • Full Audit Trail