Posted by Emily Hodges on 24-Jan-2017 07:00:00
Emily Hodges
24-Jan-2017 07:00:00

Join the ATeam at The Annual BIM Conference in London to meet Adoddle

The future has arrived, and it’s saving us money. Building Information Modelling (BIM) achieved a cost saving of £840 million on capital projects in 2013/14, through the Government’s BIM Level 2 initiative. Initial estimations in the 2012 Building Information Modelling report, however, suggested that savings of £2 billion per annum could be achieved through widespread use of BIM. With levels of BIM uptake plateauing, according to the 2015 National BIM Survey, the potential benefits of BIM are not being fully exploited. In addition to bolstering the economy, BIM provides the gateway to advancements in building technology, the realisation of the ‘Internet of Things’ and improvements in the environmental sustainability of the construction industry. Barriers such as lack of awareness and insufficient client demands must be overcome if these advantages are to be realised.

Join us for The Annual BIM Conference, where high level speakers will build on the discussions of last year and explore what more can be done to achieve the widespread benefits that BIM has to offer.


Topics covered will include:

  • The successes of BIM Level 2,
  • How BIM Level 3 will benefit the industry and UK as a whole,
  • Advancements in technology and the benefits and barriers of widespread BIM.


Headline Speakers:

  • Professor Jason Underwood - Professor in BIM and Construction ICT and Programme Director of the MSc. in Building Information Modelling, University of Salford
  • Dr Anne Kemp - BIM Fellow and Technical Director, Atkins
  • Graeme Forbes - Clear Box BIM
  • Lee Ramsey - Head of Design Management and Building Information Modelling
  • Alan Muse - Global Director of Built Environment Professional Groups, RICS
  • Chris Jackson- Head of Commercial Practice Esri (UK) Ltd
  • Alasdair Hind - Customer Success Consultant, Esri (UK) Ltd
  • Mitchell Gee - Director, SPS Envirowall
  • Sarah Davidson - Director, Head of Research and Development, Gleeds
  • Tracey Saunders - Sales & Marketing Manager, Asite
  • Nicholas Nisbet MA (Cantab) DipArch (UNL) - Director, AEC3 UK Ltd and Vice-Chair, BuildingSMART UK Chapter


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