Posted by Reecha Sharma on 07-Feb-2018 07:13:00
Reecha Sharma
07-Feb-2018 07:13:00

Join the Digital Revolution - improve the way we work in AEC


This webinar will be looking at how using digital technologies and digital engineering can significantly improve the productivity and efficiency across the whole of the AEC industry. Looking from a high level industry perspective right down to specific organisations and individual user improvements, the speakers will offer insight and experience from a wide range scenarios. There will be guidance for those who are looking to move with the digital revolution to increase the output and performance of their role, their company or the whole sector they work within.


A webinar brought to you by Asite.

The way the construction industry manages project information has been revolutionised, online project information management strategies are now key for AEC organisation’s success. Hear the guest speakers describe their own implementation journeys and how they have benefited from a cloud based construction management system, tailored to their specific needs.

The speakers are high profile professionals in information management, who are responsible for sourcing, implementing and managing emerging processes and technologies that enhance organisational efficiencies, design and service delivery.The core aspects of their service include engineering, procurement, construction management and validation.


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