Posted by Emily Hodges on 02-Oct-2014 07:00:00
Emily Hodges
02-Oct-2014 07:00:00

Meet Asite at BIM Perspectives Boston

this year's theme for BIM Perspectives Boston is "Collaboration", focusing on the entire project teams. This Year Asite will be in attendance. 


Microsol Resources' BIM Perspectives seminars are events held annually in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. They are tailored to study the usage of building information modeling (BIM) by multi-disciplinary project teams and to showcase best practices for using BIM as a basis for a collaborative design and construction process. We will hear about the challenges and benefits of the BIM technology from the perspective of leading local and national AEC practitioners.


This year's theme for BIM Perspectives Boston is "Collaboration", focusing on the entire project team. From the owners and facilities professionals to the architects, engineers, construction, and specialty contractors, we will investigate new ways to accelerate innovation. We will explore cloud-based and mobile collaboration, as well as the dynamics between people inside or outside an organization for flexible and effective project workflow.


About Asite
Formed in 2001, Asite helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. Every day, people all over the world use Asite to manage their projects and supply chains collaboratively to get the information they need – when and where they need it. As 2014 is now “the year of Adoddle” the Asite team Officially Launched Adoddle 17 on March 17th in Tech City’s Shoreditch Town Hall. Asite are set to change the face of Collaborative Software in the Cloud; with 360° clarity, drag & drop simplicity Adoddle 17 users are no more than few clicks away from their data.


Asite will be present at the BIM Perspectives event showcasing our new platfom Adoddle 17