Al Raha Beach


At the Al Raha Beach development, Asite was contracted to provide project collaboration services for two years of pre-construction. During this period, Asite provided comprehensive training for the entire project development including the following:

  • Education on the principles of collaboration technology
  • Project specific Design Development procedures (Gateway Process)
  • Fully comprehensive training on the Asite technology
  • Over 7000 hours, 162 sessions, 1700 users trained during this duration. Training conducted in both Abu Dhabi and internationally with consultant’s supporting team (web based training)
  • Over 25 advance training sessions with specific consultant’s organisations so that the companies adopt the project development processes internally.
  • Advanced Document Controllers training sessions.
  • Process Management Workshops
  • 130 workshops with different project teams (architects, engineers, etc.) to ensure that the teams are collaborating project data harmoniously and according to project process protocols.
  • Together the Al Raha Beach project team put more than 600,000 commercial documents in Asite.