Pre-Qualification and Supplier Portal

From pre-qualification of vendors to public bid events, Adoddle simplifies the process, resulting in average savings of 2%. While 2% may not sound like much, the more you spend, the more your buying power gets you – permitting deeper negotiations with vendors, requiring them to price their services and products competitively.


A Simplified process!

  • Core to the common data environment, one place for everyone to access everything.
  • As a cloud solution you can be sure that whether out and about or in the office, you are always working with the latest content.
  • Clearly defined statuses and version control so there is a track of on-going tasks
  • Extensive metadata so no risk of information being lost in a wealth of folders.
  • Discussion threads against each piece of information provides easy access to the project team.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Apply business intelligence and purchasing power with Adoddle’s Supplier Directory; eliminate the avalanche of phone calls, email and paperwork once and for all.

  • File Purchase Agreements and Contracts for easy referencing.
  • Immediate access to compare prices and availability between vendors
  • Raise Purchase Orders with the click of a button
  • Reconciliation of PO’s and REQ’s is performed by Adoddle, eliminating hours of labor tracking down signatures and approvals

Spend Management

Track and Analyse on the go!

Track Supply

Track spend with your supply chain using either simple data capture forms or through an automatic integration with Adoddle Procurement

Generate Spend Analysis Reports

Generate spend analysis reports

Track Rebate Calculations

Track rebate calculations against your preferred manufacturer and supplier agreement

RFx and Bid Management : Fast and Secure

Whether you have ongoing projects and are soliciting bids on a regular basis or you’re the manager of a procurement department, Adoddle’s Bid Manager will simplify the complexities of the bidding process. When bidding closes, all you need to do is review the bids, print reports and select the best vendor for the job.


Distribute information, maintain version control, track RFI’s and bid submissions

Utilize Customized Smart Forms within Adoddle.

Use preexisting vendor data, supplier searches, and public notices to create bidding invitations.

No need to re-brand new forms each time.

Securely invite multiple bidders giving them access to view, download and return their bid packages.

Run powerful bid evaluations, generate scoring reports, and award via the Adoddle platform.

Communicate with bidders and notify bidders of clarifications, changes, or addenda

Track communications so you are confident that your communication has been received and read.


Rich Catalogue Management

  • Whether procuring for a project or for an enterprise, Adoddle has a comprehensive eProcurement solution to maximize your team’s time and stretch your purchasing power further.
  • Adoddle’s Supplier Catalogue puts the power of intelligent purchasing at your fingertips. With an online catalogue rich with your vendors’ pre-negotiated prices, you can compare items and purchase based on a host of criteria—Delivery date, best price, or in-stock quantities


Adoddle’s Procurement Manager is an easy-to-use, affordable software solution that is fully configurable to meet the evolving demands of your project or procurement organization. Using Adoddle’s eProcurement platform allows your purchasing team to source and procure strategically and effectively through the most advanced software on the market

SaaS model provides peace of mind, unlimited data storage and a built-in IT Staff – Freeing you up from worrying about up-time/down-time, internal servers or systems.

Perform bulk uploads of your previous data from Excel or other programs

Full Audit Trail—Historical records of all actions for easy fact-finding and dispute resolution

Easy file sharing—No limit to file sizes

Adoddle Viewer gives you access to over 300 files types without the added expense of procuring the native software

Apps, offline access, and mobile access



Adoddle was developed on the vision of Sir John Egan to end the practice of every party involved in a project using their own system. The use of APIs allows you to keep the existing systems that are working for you while improving efficiencies through the adaption of APIs.

Microsoft Office
Share Point
Microsoft Dynamics
Open Text
Autodesk Revit

Seamless integration with existing systems

Ease of Reporting

Stop running reports in multiple disparate systems. Adoddle provides a host of generic report templates, or you can easily create your own with our custom report writer

View all your work from a single point

Link up multiple systems with one log-in

Connect Outside Software and Applications

Full Microsoft Office Suite integration Connect to your existing systems—Keep the systems that work and adding only what you need

Data Migration

Reduced error; Eliminate duplicate entry and accidental data omission. Ability to sync to any outside system that permits APIs.