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Come and meet Adoddle at Digital Construction week in London

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 18-Oct-2017 04:58:00

Asite are excited to announce that the ATeam will be exhibiting and presenting all things Adoddle at Digital Construction Week in London. Come along to say ‘hi’ and experience Adoddle!


Digital construction Week is the only event series in the UK dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing, and operation. 


We believe that the tools and processes now available to you, have the power to change the future of the built environment and the world we live in like never before. Our aim is to help you explore their potential and help you understand how best to adopt and implement them. Helping reduce costs and carbon emissions, improve profitability and efficiency, and create a smarter more diverse industry. 


The event series features a two day exhibition with interactive, hands on demonstrations. Free to attend seminars, workshops and classes. Networking events, and a full two day thought leadership conference programme.

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