Little Britain Challenge Cup 2021

Posted by Asite on 04-Jun-2021 09:23:02


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Little Britain Challenge Cup 2020

Posted by Asite on 10-Sep-2020 08:46:48


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Little Britain Challenge Cup 2019

Posted by Adoddle on 19-Aug-2019 08:29:00

The Little Britain Challenge Cup is the property and construction industry’s annual sailing regatta - the No.1 AEC Industry Sailing Event in the UK. This year 2019 will be the 32nd edition and will take place on 13th-14th September.

Since its foundation in 1988, the regatta has attracted hundreds of companies and thousands of crews, and for many, it remains one of the best, most enjoyable and memorable networking events in the industry.

It is a fantastic event for project teams celebrating success, for team and relationship building, networking and client entertaining. It is also a great time to learn to sail with other industry professionals and to improve your boat and racing skills.

Asite have been involved with LBCC for the past 6 years and we are very honoured and excited to support the AEC industry in this charitable event.


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