Cocial Networking…..

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.....or Cocialising as we call it at Asite is growing among our community. It is the ability to create corporate strength Clouds and services for corporate communication, regardless of device or process - throughout the supply chain.  This could be discussion around a BIM process, it could be communicating an invoice or simply discussing the next marketing plan with your colleagues around the globe.  Whatever your business process - you need to collaborate it and you need to do this in a secure corporate/social arena - Cocialising. 

I first coined the phrase in a meeting many years back to a room full of raised eyebrows, as you can imagine.  I then mentioned it on a call with Gartner, where it was quickly met with the response "we can't see that catching on" - and maybe they're right.  However, thats not the point, I still think it describes very well what we do in the corporate SaaS arena. 

There are a plethora of SaaS providers out there who mainly deal in the social arena - Facebook, Waze, Twitter to name a few, but there are more and more of us who only provide corporate strength SaaS solutions and services. 

I believe that Cocial Networking will take the place of Social Networking as more and more of us want to control our own data.  Having a dropdata facility in the cloud will no longer suffice - you need a corporate Cloud Service, IT's Adoddle.


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