Balfour Beatty use Asite for the Building Schools for the Future project and achieve their BREEAM initiatives


The Challenge

Balfour Beatty were tasked with delivering a Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project in Sunderland with an approximate construction value of £100m, which started in March 2008 and completed in 2010. The project included both new build and refurbishment works to deliver three academies and three schools.


The scale of the project required a solution that enabled the multiple project teams to share data in a timely manner so that information was accessible to build a better design, ensure deadlines were met and that the overall project be completed on time and on budget.


Balfour Beatty required a project management solution that:

  • Enabled multiple project teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently
  • Be accessible, fast and easy-to-use
  • Provided the highest level of security of all documents and data
  • Offered full support for implementation and day-to-day utilisation including after-care
  • Created cost saving opportunities with measurable outcomes


The Solution

After analysing Balfour Beatty’s workflow processes and fully understanding their objectives and expectations, Asite designed a project implementation plan for achieving Balfour Beatty’s Development Information Management Strategy. The solution was tasked with improving collaboration between Balfour Beatty’s project teams to enable them to work more efficiently. Having identified current inefficiencies, Asite assigned a consultant to work closely with the project team and customize the solution to fit directly with the way the team worked and with best practice.


Asite and Balfour Beatty worked closely with the project team to manage the cultural change and maximise the use of the solution with minimal training requirement. After the implementation, Balfour Beatty had on-going access to Asite’s support team for the day-to-day use of Asite, with on-going support from an experienced consultant.


Asite’s solution provided the following key features:

  • An easy-to-use secure cloud platform for real-time collaboration
  • Document management for version control
  • A tracking and audit trail process for greater control and visibility
  • A secure area for all approved documents and archives
  • Full training, support, consultancy and after care


The Benefits

When the project completed, it revolutionised education in Sunderland by introducing cutting edge technology to classrooms and creating 21st century buildings. Using Asite, Balfour Beatty teams were able to manage, share and access drawings and documents securely from any location with Internet access. They were able to collaboratively coordinate design information for each building and store data in one central, fully auditable repository in the cloud. Teams given access were able to view, comment and mark up the latest revisions in real-time, creating a more effective and efficient workflow process. The design team also identified solutions early on in the design process to help focus on creating a better design.


The increased transparency created time and cost savings and provided a longer term view over the entire project. Balfour Beatty also delivered on their BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) submittal requirements for evidencing the delivery of fully sustainable solutions via Asite. They achieved this by using Asite’s AppBuilder to develop forms to manage all of their BREEAM reports and contract information. The improved business efficiencies helped to increase Balfour Beatty profit margins as a business overall.


After the completion of one of the schools, Washington School was awarded a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice for the modern yet environmentally friendly building delivered. Some of its features include rainwater recycling, solar power, a centrally controlled building management system, proximity infra-red systems and potentially the largest green roof on a school in England.


On the strength of BSF Sunderland, Balfour Beatty has implemented Asite for its upcoming projects and is exploring the use of Asite cBIM for managing model files across its design teams.


Balfour Beatty achieved the following results from using Asite:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Environmental benefits from the reduced use of paper
  • Greater communication – information was instantly accessible, improving the exchange of knowledge and feedback.
  • Increased control & transparency – the presence of an audit trail created greater accountability and ownership so project deadlines were met.
  • Security – data was stored in a highly secure environment, including providing users with unique log-ins, separate secure areas and a robust audit trail.
  • Customer service – first class support from the Asite support team and consultant
  • Improved utilisation of information
  • Reduction in design errors
  • Tasks and project deadlines met and completed on time
  • Teams focused on best design practice within their organisation
  • Achieving their BREEAM initiatives


Company Profile

Balfour Beatty is a world-class infrastructure services business operating across the infrastructure lifecycle, with leading positions in major markets. In over 80 countries, in diverse markets and economies, we provide the assets societies need to function, develop and thrive.



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Talk to an Expert?

Patrick Yung

Director, Arup Advisory Services

"Implementing Asite empowered our project management process through a custom-made and user-friendly digital platform. Apart from document management, Asite enhanced the work process in design, approval and construction management. By managing such a diverse and complex hospital project, Asite provided a traceable and secure environment for all project records. We highly recommend!"

Chris Hinton MA FCCA

Technology and Innovation Lead, University of Cambridge

"Asite have shown clear strength in the maturity and depth of capabilities of its system, particularly in the capital delivery aspects. Adoddle is providing our project teams with the capabilities to manage the coordination and dissemination of models, data, files and documentation to clear and industry recognised standards. Embedded and configurable workflow tools are supporting the management of key commercial processes and information exchange gateways. Asite continue to demonstrate a commitment to working with the University and our partners in helping us achieve higher levels of information maturity to match our vision."

Carrie Matthews

Head of Information Management and Application Support, Tideway

"Thames Tideway has been working with Asite for 4 years. In that time it has been a very effective and indispensable relationship. Asite’s Adoddle BIM solution has allowed us to work collaboratively with our main works contractors in an efficient and productive manner. On such a large and high profile project with multiple contractors, the ability to view real time dashboards of upcoming, completed and overdue tasks, assign actions and view deadlines is invaluable. The Professional Services Team has provided exceptional support to ensure the smooth running of the system, preventing any major issues."

Dwight Wilson

Digital Engineering Lead, Imtech Engineering Services London and South

"Asite provides a single point of access, validation and quality assurance of project information across our business. The mobile-first approach, smart forms and easy to use interface has transformed the way we collaborate with our supply chain on projects."

Daniel Pearce

Senior Document Controller, Westfield

"Asite covers all the Tender, Design and Construction modules; all on one impressive system, whether you’re in the office or out on site; Asite has the information, processes, and tools you require for any successful project delivery."

Vikramaaditya Radhu

General Manager, Wave Infratech

"Wave Infratech started utilizing Asite in 2016 and have successfully implemented 40 projects with Asite Adoddle. The enterprise partnership enabled us to bring all project participants on Asite, a Common Data Environment (CDE) without excluding anyone to keep the cost down.

We are using Adoddle’s Document Manager, Custom Forms, Workflows and Field Defect Manager to practice efficient information management and better collaboration amongst project participants. We can rest assured that all our projects run smoothly and are getting delivered on time.

Since implementing Adoddle and working closely with the Asite’s Professional Services team, we have seen a huge improvement and we now have a high level of traceability of decisions and agreements made throughout the project.

Adoddle’s streamlined processes, daily progress report custom form, and custom reports have had a major positive impact in capturing planned vs actual progress on site on a daily basis. Implementing Asite’s Adoddle has largely contributed to the success of our business and helped us continue to be the leading players in the real estate sector."

Sarah Blackwell

Business Support Director, PCE Ltd.

"Asite is a great tool that provides ‘one stop shop’, cloud-based management for all our projects. Like all software, there can be some glitches when you are adapting it to suit you and you have to be prepared to put some effort in to get the best out of it, however exploring the scope of what Asite has to offer and working with their support team to utilise it to its full potential definitely pays dividends for our business."

Sujatha Naren

Head of Operational Process, Synergy

We would like to thank Asite Solutions for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of Adoddle by Asite Solutions for Synergy projects. Synergy team appreciated:

  • The product Adoddle by Asite Solutions has been a good fit for our project management needs within Synergy.
  • Excellent support and customization by Asite, paying attention to all details during launch and implementation phase.
  • Post Implementation training and 24*7 support by Asite team made using Adoddle smooth and easy.

We congratulate Asite for their industry best product and implementation performance. we are looking forward for further improvement for our mutual co-operation and success.

Ash Bailey

SF Development Officer, Stoke on Trent City Council

"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission-critical corporate collaboration."