09-Feb-2004 10:00:00

ASITE and AEC commence international technology alliance

Posted by Emily Hodges on 09-Feb-2004 10:00:00
Emily Hodges

Asite Solutions Ltd, provider of software and services to support project management and procurement, today commences an alliance with AEC/communications, the German-based company that provides web-based technology to large international construction industry portals.

The purpose of the alliance is for the companies to leverage their respective strengths in software engineering and systems development. It will enable interoperability between their web-based applications, extending the reach of both companies' technologies to fulfil the needs of their customers.

AEC/communications is the collaboration software provider with market-leading construction portals in Australia, Switzerland and Germany. By achieving interoperability with Asite, customers using AEC's software can exchange data seamlessly with customers using Asite's applications and vice versa. This means project teams and supply chains that work across international boundaries can do so more easily and more efficiently, without the need to change their businesses' systems of choice.

The alliance also gives Asite access to customers in Germany, Switzerland and Australia/Asia for its supply chain software, including many of the largest contractors in those markets. It also provides AEC/communications' customers with easier access to the wider UK market for both its own technology and integration services through Asite.

Asite and AEC/communications will work together to enable interoperability between the AEC/communications and Asite platforms starting from January 2004. Whilst the initial focus of the alliance is on achieving interoperability, there is an open approach as to how it will develop. It could potentially lead to joint ventures or partnerships in the UK and within new international markets.

Tom Dengenis, CEO Asite plc, commented, "This is a great opportunity to create real interoperability between users and create real value rather than promote yet another "data standard" within the construction industry. Our customers' operations cross international boundaries, so it is imperative that the technology that supports their operations does the same."

Martin Boelter, CEO, AEC/communications, said, "We believe this announcement is very significant as it will bring together two powerful technology companies that are both recognised as already adding value to construction projects internationally. The alliance will help establish a true collaboration that can improve interoperability within the construction industry, and will be significant in driving the expansion of both companies' business in construction communities both in Europe and worldwide."