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File Storage in the Cloud

  • Keep all of your documents in one central, secure repository
  • Fully customise your folder structure with highly controlled access
  • Manage access at project level, folder level, or file level
  • Create project templates to enable one-touch creation of new projects - fully configured!

Powerful Search

  • Powerful search including full content search (search text within documents)
  • Create your own custom attributes which become automatically available for searching and sorting
  • Tag files with unlimited numbers of custom attributes
  • Save searches to create personal views and share them with the team to create collaborative views
  • Define document naming rules in the powerful rules engine and apply them project-wide or folder by folder

Version Tracking

  • Adoddle automatically tracks revisions as files are updated and keeps a record of all revisions so you never lose any information.
  • View a full audit trail in real-time showing every time a document has been touched
  • Compare versions to see what has changed.
  • Create placeholders to mark a spot for a revision to be published in the future and assign an action

Online File Viewer

  • View over 300 different types of files online in Adoddle - no need to download and open them in the native software!
  • The Asite viewer supports all major Office documents, PDF, image files, and CAD/CAM files - including 3D models!
  • Collaboratively review and mark-up documents right in your browser
  • Visually compare two revisions of a document to quickly see what has changed

Collaboration and Approvals

  • In-built document review and approval workflows make the collaborative process a breeze
  • Team members can create threaded comments on documents and trigger automatic notifications
  • Set workflows to be automatically linked to document approvals, status changes, publishing events, and more
  • Check-out documents to lock them and let others know you are updating them and check-in a new revision

Email Integration

  • Use Adoddle as a correspondence log and keep fully searchable archives of project emails
  • Use email to publish files into your project via Project Mailboxes


Support for Paper

  • Use our ‘Paper People’ feature to track paper documentation received from offline project participants
  • Send print work orders automatically from Adoddle directly to your print shop

File Sync

  • Synchronize files between Adoddle and your local environments via Navigator
  • Work offline and sync back to the server when you connect
  • Easily see what files have changed across all your projects
  • Check-out and lock files and check-in new revisions

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