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Task Tracking

  • Assign actions and track deadlines and milestones across your projects.
  • See a real-time dashboard of your overdue, upcoming and completed tasks.
  • All stakeholders receive instant notifications and daily summaries of tasks.
  • Clear and Delegate Actions.

Rock-Solid Audit Trail

  • All actions are tracked and recorded - all the time
  • Easily find out who did what, and when
  • See a full picture of your project
  • Export full project archives or organisation-specific archives at any time with 100% of your information intact


Project Collaboration

  • Use discussion boards for private or team-wide project discussions
  • Use email.  Enable project participants to engage in tracked discussions without leaving their email client
  • Set Proxy Access rights so others can log in on your behalf, complete actions, and maintain an accurate audit trail

Workflow Automation

  • Design custom workflows and set them to run automatically
  • Instantly track approvals of files and forms
  • Create re-usable workflow groups to automate action assignment
  • Search and report on Actions assigned to other users
  • Control access to information for different users and groups


 Custom Form Design

  • Create bespoke forms using our graphical design tool
  • Easily replicate your offline or MS-Office-based forms - from the simplest to the most complex
  • Easily link to workflows to trigger automated actions
  • All content is automatically indexed for full-text search and available to our report-builder




Contract Management

  • Model contractual relationships
  • Track contract change
  • Track impacts on cost and schedule against baselines in real-time
  • Easily work with custom contractual clauses


Project Risk Registers

  • Implement standard risk control methodologies
  • Record risks and collaboratively categorise and score them
  • Designate Risk Controllers to manage risks and communicate how risks will be addressed
  • Get a real-time risk profile across all of your projects 

Financial Control

  • Track budgets, payments, and cost changes across your project portfolio
  • Collaborate directly with suppliers and contractors
  • Define cost centres, workpackages, and budgets
  • Track budget, commitment, profit, and cash position in real-time
  • Record potential future costs
  • Receive and approve invoices from suppliers and contractors

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