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Our privacy policy outlines how we manage the personal information collected about our registered users and visitors to the site. Our security statement outlines how we maintain the highest levels of security for users of our technology.  

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us via e-mail at 

Privacy Policy


'Visitors' are those who use our public website. 'Users' are those with access to the password protected elements of our website.

Information Gathered

The following categories of Personal Data may be collected and stored in relation to each Visitor or User:

1. Information that is available to Asite and other appropriate Users:

  • Contact details - name, address, e-mail address, phone and fax details, etc.
  • Employing organisation
  • Mailing, shipping and delivery addresses

2. Information that is available to Asite

  • An audit trail of pages viewed and documents opened within Asite
  • Contact details of Visitors through Enquiry / Order Forms and records of relevant communications
  • Usernames
  • Details of transactions made using Asite applications
  • Records of training that Users have attended

Use of Information

All information is collected strictly for:

  • All information is collected strictly for:
  • The efficient provision of services by Asite
  • Communication with, and between, Users concerning Asite and Asite's services
  • The provision or offer of related, value added or personalised services to Visitors
  • The compilation and exploitation of aggregated (non-personally identifiable) statistical information 

For example, names and contact details are collected and stored by Asite to allow us to respond to and follow up with Users in relation to queries about Asite or the use of Data pertaining to transactions through is collected and stored. Data relating to website usage patterns is collected for the purposes of improving the service offered.

Personal Data will not be disclosed to third parties, whether for marketing purposes or otherwise, without giving Visitors or Users the opportunity to object to such disclosure, except where the data is supplied to agents or sub-contractors of Asite acting under their authority.

During certain uses of the site, you may be linked to a site or product catalogue provided by a third party. If you submit information to Asite to access or purchase any third party's product or services which are linked to via the site, we may need to share information, identified in this document, with those parties. This is so that they may process your request deliver the relevant functionality, and or in the case of placing an order, supply the product or services that you ordered. 


Cookies allow registered users to be authenticated and gain access to the privileged area of the site. Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on Visitors' or Users' computers. Cookies do not damage computers or files. These allow you to access Asite’s functionality using one password & allow efficient use of the Asite Applications.

Your Consent

By submitting your information you are consenting to our use of it for the uses specified above.

Correcting / Changing Information

As Asite expands its related products and services, we may need to update our privacy policy without prior notice.