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Before the Internet, when we needed to find something out, we asked our parents, and if they didn't know they would not say so, they would tell you to look up the encyclopaedia (if your family was lucky enough to have a set).  If that failed you were off to the local library to thrall through countless tombs of information - and hopefully many hours if not days later you had your reward - the ANSWER!


Then came the Internet and the era of the search engine.  When we now need to know something we get online and tap in our question and hey presto, we have many answers.


However - we still need people to populate the answer pool.  If it wasn't for Newton, we would still think trees threw apples at us.


Input is all important, to have an appropriate outcome.


Today in the AECFM community, if we want to achieve BIM we need collaborative yet structured input through collaborative BIM (cBIM).


Get involved and Get To IT.


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