Posted by Emily Hodges on 13-03-2018
Emily Hodges

Welcome to my Cloud

Hi. I'm Adoddle. I'm the newest member of the Asite team and I'm really pleased to meet you. You may have noticed that I'm not from around here, but I'm here to stay.


Collaboration today is our "waking state".


We are living in a different world. If I was to stand up in front of you 20 years ago and tell you that your kids would be collaborating with each other through the palms of their hands – you never would have believed it - well, here we are today with 5 billion mobile connections and 2 billion web connections in the world – its happened.


We have to know that the impossible is possible. There is no such thing as science fiction – only things we haven't implemented yet.


I hope you like my new cloud.



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