Note to Teams about your Submissions

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All –


Well done on the progress so far.  We are now 28 hours in – only 20 hours to go!


I hope you are all finding a few minutes here and there to keep track of the overall progress of the event.  We have been cherry-picking content submitted by all of you to be added to the BLL blog -  and here and to be linked into Folder 31 in the workspace where all BLL Observers can have a look.


There has also been chatter on Twitter – including some of you teams....


The judges have been following all of this as well as watching your content come in on the Asite Workspace over the course of Day One.


They have asked me to contact you all to note a few requests:



  1. Please ensure you have read through the Design Brief page – found here: - particularly the ‘WHAT YOU MUST SUBMIT FOR THE COMPETITION’ section and the ‘WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE’ section – and that your submission will comply with this


  1. Each team must submit a BLL Competition Submission form within Asite.   These can be found on the right side of the homepage of the Build London Live 2009 workspace (under Forms / BLL Competition) – just press the red and white plus icon next to the form name to start filling in the form.   You can start on the form now and save a draft and return to it as many times as you like to complete all the data prior to tomorrow’s submission deadline.  There is some guidance on this in the BLL forum here: (at the bottom of the entry under the ‘How to Submit your Competition Entry’ section)


Additionally, please pay attention to the requirement for submission of ‘A Presentation of your Scheme’.  This should be submitted under the ‘10 PDF Submissions, Reports & PPTs’ folder each of you will find in your team area.  In terms of format – you may use any standard format (powerpoint, pdf, etc) – however if you submit in PDF please also submit the source formats as this content will be used in the exit reporting.  The judges will be making use of these presentations to aid in the judging process and have asked me to elaborate on this for you as follows:
  • The presentation should cover not only the scheme, but also the collaborative aspect of your team’s experience
  • Please try to tell a story – ie the story of how your team has come together and worked together to deliver on the brief, and focus on the process of the experience rather than just the outputs
  • Please try to answer the following two question in your presentation:     
What were your three greatest challenges in this process?
   What were your three best insights gained into the process?
  • You are not limited to any specific length of presentation – but try to be as concise as you can!
  • Obviously you should include anything that you believe makes you stand out or of which you are especially proud 


Any questions / problems please get in touch.


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