Construction Management, from Submittals to Project Reporting

Managing a construction project is complex. Long-term goals, changes, decisions and contractual commitments can get lost. Information and knowledge may disappear with staff turnover and can result in unnecessary duplication.

We believe that everyone should be able to access up-to-date information to do their job safely and effectively whenever they join a project. Our construction management suite provides everyone with the knowledge to keep their project on track and on time.

Drawing & Specifications

View over 300 file types without native software.

Mark up drawings and submittals.

Control versions.

Set clear deadlines and milestones.

Compatible with CAD/CAM.

Powerful search, including document content.

Schedule automated drawing and specification log reports.

Complete construction management software as a service.


Visual Workflows & Approvals

Create seamless, efficient workflows, by automating IT and business processes with full audit control. Assign and track actions with full visibility of progress. Best practices in document management, version control and records management are applied automatically.

Build customised,
automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Set workflow
security by role


View file workflow

File Workflow Progress
Colour Code Workflow Stages

Colour coded
workflow stages

Document Review Reminder

Automate document
review reminders

Workflow Timescales

Set workflow timescales
in line with processes

Schedule automatic workflow status reports

Donut Chart
Graph Chart

London Crossrail Project

Plugins for seamless integration.

Microsoft Office
Share Point
Microsoft Dynamics
Open Text
Autodesk Revit

Meeting Minutes

Create your meeting minutes and issue actions online.

Recipients can confirm, comment and mark actions as completed.

Track outstanding actions and automatically include in future meeting minutes.

Save time by adding set agendas to your meeting minutes without any re-keying of information.

Create apps with ABuilder


Build applications to work hand-in-hand with visual workflows.

Custom Apps

Create, test, and deploy custom applications.

End User

End user option to create web applications.

Seamless Connection

Seamless connection between data sources.

Pre Build Apps

Or use pre-built apps

NEC contract manager

Time and expenses project cost

Contract change

Contract lifecycle modelling

BIM execution protocols

BIM capabilities assessment

Health, safety, & environmental assessment

Defects, project risk and opportunity knowledge management... and more!

Dashboards & Reporting

Select from an extensive library of information-rich reports or easily build custom reports that can be scheduled to run at any time. Utilise any data captured within the Asite Platform to build tailored dashboards that can be simply shared with your teams - Speak with our sales team to learn more about Asite's benefits.



Adoddle Robot

Enable smarter project management.


Act with greater clarity and speed.


Save time through automation.


Maintain a full audit trail.