Document Management and Control - Transform information
into knowledge.

Transform documents, files and information into business-ready data. Store and view files online, in any format, with interdisciplinary cloud collaboration features. Our document management system has been trusted by leading architecture, engineering and construction companies since 2001. It offers powerful document management, streamlined workflows, more efficient information management, full document control and guaranteed compliance with global standards. Multiple efficiencies are easily achieved - speak with our sales team to learn more about Asite's document management system benefits.

Document Version Control

Ensure everyone can access, retrieve and manage the latest version of all project information. 


Ensure correct document is used


Compare versions to easily see what has changed


Easy access to previous versions


Use QR codes to ensure hard copies are the latest revision

MS Office Plug-in

Quickly update and save documents, check-in and check-out files for editing all within MS Office, including saving emails and attachments directly from Outlook.


Document scanning & indexing

Digitise paper documents.

Store, view and manage documents online in Asites document management system.

Streamline data capture with ease.

Visual Workflows & Approvals

Create seamless, efficient workflows, by automating IT and business processes with full audit control. Assign and track actions with full visibility of progress. Best practices in document management, version control and records management are applied automatically.

Build customised,
automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Set workflow
security by role


View file workflow

File Workflow Progress
Colour Code Workflow Stages

Colour coded
workflow stages

Document Review Reminder

Automate document
review reminders

Workflow Timescales

Set workflow timescales
in line with processes

Schedule automatic workflow status reports

Donut Chart
Graph Chart

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag-and-drop to upload single documents or upload in bulk to the document management system.

Trigger workflows on file upload.

Enforce metadata file-naming.


Design Review & Annotation


Document review of over 300 different file types without the need for native software.

Revision tools allowing document redlining, mark-up and comment co-ordination.

No need to convert to PDF  documents.

e-Discovery & Records Management


Get instant access to complete data in a central portal.

Automatically convert into read-only mode.

Use powerful search features, even document content.

Document Archiving

Information Archiving

Maintain and control a full online document archive.

Retain the original audit trail.

Structured, fully searchable data.