Asite holds RIBA CPD Seminar on IT and ICT for Construction

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Asite holds RIBA CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Seminar on IT and ICT for Construction.

John Razzell from Asite presented at two RIBA CPD seminars on the 20th and 28th of May 2008 in Wakefield and Nottingham. He provided advice for small companies in getting to grips with IT and presented several examples of cutting edge use of collaborative systems in the industry.

As part of their leading role in the building industry, Architects play an integral part in the uptake and use of IT and ICT throughout the design and construction process.

The seminar on IT and ICT for Construction, supported by the IT Construction Forum, is designed to inform architects of current methods and techniques used in the construction industry and raise awareness of issues which will enable them to engage more successfully with the rest of the construction supply chain.

If you wish to attend a similar seminar, contact on +44 (0)207 749 7880.

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