Asite launches new generation Supply Chain Management System

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Asite Solutions Ltd, provider of software and services and business operating system to support project management and procurement, today launches its new web-based Directory and Pre-qualification tool - ADP.

ADP brings key players in the construction industry together: helping to create new and stronger trading relationships with a focus on technology.

Directory provides suppliers with the opportunity to profile and manage their latest marketing information as well as their compliance with standards and pre-qualification criteria. It gives each buyer a unique prequalification process for their business. The management of the relationships is all done through Self Service Software.

PreQual makes it easier to collate and validate information for pre-qualification. Unlike other schemes available, it is completely customisable to enable thorough supplier evaluation and it saves time for buyers and suppliers.

They are both integrated with other tools within the Asite suite of products to maximize the re-use of information across an organization.

Kevin Treeby, Director of Procurement - House of Commons, comments: "Asite worked and continues to work with the House in a very positive manner and have adopted a partnership approach in their willingness to be flexible, to understand our needs and to find solutions to our issues.

Sir John Egan, Chairman of Asite Plc, comments: "ADP addresses an area of the qualification software market that has until now been under-served. This is the markets first qualification system where each party to the relationship is served. It is not about the membership fees but the process improvement and the integrated services. The launch of ADP is an important next step in Asite's goal to provide an integrated solution that fulfils each aspect of a construction project's life-cycle."

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