Asite’s cloud platform Adoddle nominated as a Finalist in 12 categories at the upcoming Construction Computing Awards

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Asite are delighted to announce that the Adoddle platform has made the finals of the Construction Computing Awards in the following categories:

  • BIM Product of the Year
  • Best use of IT in a Construction Project (judged by Panel)
  • Best use of IT in an Infrastructure Project (judged by Panel)
  • BIM Project of the Year (judged by panel)
  • Collaboration Project of the Year (judged by panel)
  • Cloud based Technology of the Year (judged by panel)
  • Mobile Technology of the Year
  • Project Lifecycle Management Product of the Year
  • Collaboration Product of the Year
  • Document and Content Management Product of the Year
  • Product of the Year
  • Company of the Year


Voting is now underway with the winners announced on November 16th in a prestigious ceremony in London.  Users are encouraged to cast a vote for Adoddle at More information about previous year’s ceremonies and awards are also available here.


About The Construction Computing Awards 2017

Affectionately known as "The Hammers" and now in their 12th year, the Construction Computing Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all sizes. The Construction Computing Awards have become a key event for the industry to network, exchange thoughts and idea and dare we say it, have a little bit of fun too! Building on the success of previous years, a panel of judges will be considering the project applications. Most categories will be decided by, the readers of Construction Computing Magazine and the clients of the companies competing for the top honours. Featuring over 20 categories the Construction Computing Awards allow companies from every sector of the industry to seek recognition for their efforts over the past 12 months.


About Adoddle

The Adoddle platform is used worldwide by leading property owners, architecture, engineering, and construction firms to manage their largest and most demanding capital investment programs.  Adoddle helps people manage their projects and supply chains collaboratively, accessing the information they need, when and where they need it. It enables AEC companies to measure and track capital projects and asset operations.


About Asite

Asite’s CDE cloud technology gives everyone involved in construction and facilities projects access to key information regardless of location or device. It enables increased collaboration which results in fewer mistakes, delivering huge time and cost savings. Asite’s Adoddle CDE platform allows firms to store and manage all project data in one central and secure repository. It is a bespoke platform which allows the clients to fully configure the structure of their content with highly controlled access and rich workflows. Asite was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London’s Tech City in the UK, with North American operations based in New York, and regional offices in Australia, India and South Africa.  For more information, please visit: or



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