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Building on the success of the live design events held in Boston, Rotterdam, and the largest ever BIMStormTM event in Los Angeles that occurred this January, Asite, AEC3 UK, and CADVisual /Onuma held a Build Live event on the 24th , 25th, and 26th of June 2008 which was a tremendous success.

10 teams from 5 different continents participated in this 48 hour online collaborative design event. More than 300 observers used Asite's online collaboration platform to watch the different steps of the design and the Build London Live website had 49,327 hits on the 26th of June alone!

The quality of the designs delivered exceeded all expectations and made the winners selection process a really difficult task for the judges.

The quality and detail of the designs created for this competition shows how mature BIM technologies are today and how far a design team can progress in only 48 hours using BIM technologies. Build London Live has publicly proven to anybody who believes that Collaborative BIM is pie-in-the-sky and is still hesitating to adopt BIM technologies that there is no excuse for making the move today. Not only are the technologies interoperable and available in the market, but the collaborative frameworks for using them are available in a Software as a Service model with extremely low barriers to entry.

With the commercial gains that can be driven from use of BIM in the design, construction, and property management lifecycles via constructability and cost analyses and the environmental gains to be made by designing energy performance into the building with BIM – there is truly no excuse for not getting started today.


Tony Ryan, Asite CEO commented: “We need the UK government to push the use of this technology, and we need them to act now.”

And the awards winners are …


Award Prize  Sponsor And the Winners are…
The 2008 BUILD LONDON LIVE Award Data Design System Team BIM Vikings
Best Design Synchro Team BIM Products
Best Collaboration Satellier Team Seoul BIM
Drama and Excitement VR Context - Walkinside Team Gravicon
Compliance with the Brief, Affordability Norconsult - Calcus Team Lessard
Sustainability Riuska Team BIM Education
Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability Magicad Team BIM Vikings
Continuous Publication Octaga Team Food for Thot
Use of Interoperability Solibri Team Omega
Judges Discretionary Awards Drofus, EliteCAD Team BIM Japan and Team Southern Axis









Team 7 BIM Vikings - Best Overall Winner

Congratulations to Team 7, The BIM Vikings, overall winners of Build London Live. Here's a screenshot of the IFC Model of their desgin in Asite cBIM Viewer which shows the level of detail they went to that scooped the overall prize.


Team BIM Products , Build London Live Best Design award's winner

The Team BIM Products won the Best Design Award because they made the best use of the site and surrounding context.




Team Seoul BIM Forum, Build London Live Best Collaboration award's winner

Team Seoul BIM Forum won the Best collaboration award for overcoming a steep learning curve to achieve impressive collaboration from Asia to Europe over the course of 48 hours. Our judges comments were "Truly remarkable!".




Team BIM Japan, Build London Live Judges Discretionary award's winner

Team Japan won the Judges Discretionary Awards for achieving Consistently High Quality.



Team Southern Axis, Build London Live Judges Discretionary award's winner

The Team Southern Axis won the Judges Discretionary Awards for excellent results achieved from a very small team.



Team Omega, Build London Live Use of Interoperability award's winner

The Team Omega won the Build London Live Use of Interoperability award for using SmartCODEs for regulation checking.



Team Food for Thot, Build London Live Continuous Publication award's winner

Team Food for Thot won the Continuous Publication award for the use of the full range of collaboration systems.



Team BIM Vikings, Build London Live Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability award's winner

Team BIM Vikings won the Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability for the wide range of organisations, disciplines, and applications used plus the massive use of BuildingSMART standards.



Team Gravicon, Build London Live Drama and Excitement award's winner

The Team Gravicon won the Drama and Excitement award with the delivery of a dramatic concept which they worked through to an impressive finished product.



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