Wardell Armstrong LLP chooses Asite Workspace

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Wardell Armstrong LLP is a major environmental and engineering consultancy, providing services to both public and private sector clients, and employs 350 professional, technical and administrative staff.

Wardell Armstrong created a team of consultants located across the UK to provide waste and environmental consultancy services for a specific project involving 30 geographically dispersed sites.

The distance between sites makes collaboration and interaction difficult for the project teams. The obvious solution to the problem at hand is the use of a web-based collaboration tool, which allows the team to share information online and create comments directly on drawings. The team can access any information from the site itself making real time interaction possible. The audit trail of document histories and project approvals provides complete visibility of the project, optimising team management.

A traditional web-based collaboration tool is not suitable for this project because it is not cost-effective in relation to the project size. Instead, Wardell Armstrong LLP chose to use Asite workspace for its collaboration needs. Asite Workspace is an entry-level collaboration solution answering the need for collaboration in situations where the cost and features of advanced collaboration tools are not justified.

A typical scenario of these situations would be as follows:


asite_arrow Small project

asite_arrow Limited number of users

asite_arrow Beginning of the project life cycle


Asite CEO, Tony Ryan, commented: "The success of Asite Workspace is based on its onDemand pricing model which makes the tool accessible to situations where the use of traditional collaboration tools would not be cost-effective."

For more information please call on +44 (0)207 749 7880.

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