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A complete project portfolio management tool to provide visibility of all your projects in one centrally controlled location to manage processes, cost and time. Measure your performance and savings with confidence. Arrange a Demo with our sales team.

Project Management

Improve project managment

Improve project management.

Clear milestones, deadlines and notifications.

Control access to projects, folders and files.

Robust audit trail, financial controls and risk profiles.

Full infrastructure lifecycle management.

Collaborate better in the cloud

Collaborate better in the cloud.

Access latest information, instantly, anywhere.

Track discussions within email clients.

Powerful search, even within documents.

Set proxy access rights for others to act for you.

Enhance financial control

Save time through automation.

Create customised automated workflows.

Instantly track approvals of files and apps.

Design apps and replicate existing ones.

Automate task assignment with workflow groups.

Enhance financial control

Enhance financial control.

Track budgets, payments and cost changes.

Define cost centres, work packages and budgets.

Track budget, commitment, profit and cash position.

Approve invoices from suppliers and contractors.

Project Controls

We help our clients implement integrated project controls solutions in their projects to develop a single source of truth through the synergistic integration of schedule, cost, risk and document management processes. The integration process can be tailored to suit existing systems or through the adoption of a project controls platform which manages the various aspects of the project.

Improve project managements

Reduce risks

Connect your commercial data directly to your designs.

Bring visibility and control to shared information models.

Work better with distributed teams and disparate systems.

Reduce errors from designing in isolation by working in the context of the overall model.

Reduce the risk of on-site problems with early design reviews and tracking of resultant actions.

Improve project managements

Improve project management

Selectively share your project model or individual BIM worksets with project partners.

Maintain a clear audit trail by tracking version control and updates to the model.

Merge multiple model files and worksets from different project partners and different design tools into one central model.

Enhance collaborations

Enhance collaboration

Immediately review the design progression during development and track critical decision making.

Centralise storage of all versions of your models in a collaborative online environment.

View and walk through the overall project model and access the rich data without expensive software.

Achieve greater control and clarity

Achieve greater control

View the differences between model file revisions.

Collaboratively review and mark-up model files in the integrated 3D viewer.

Associate views, schedules, and mark-ups with workflows and track actions across your team.

Integrate document control and construction management with your BIM coordination process.

Automatically generate reports such as bills of quantities (BOQ) from the model on a scheduled basis.

Take complete control of your construction project management.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Contract Management

Model contractual relationships track contract change. Track impacts on cost and schedule against baselines in real-time. Easily work with custom contractual clauses.

Project Risk Registers

Project Risk Registers

Implement standard risk control methodologies. Record risks and collaboratively categorise and score them. Designate risk controllers to manage risks and communicate how risks will be addressed. Get a real-time risk profile across all of your projects.

Financial Control

Financial Control

Complete project financial management. Track budgets, payments, and cost changes across your project portfolio. Collaborate directly with suppliers and contractors. Define cost centres, workpackages, and budgets.

Track online

Track Online

Track budget, commitment, profit, and cash position in real-time. Record potential future costs. Receive and approve invoices from suppliers and contractors.

Request for Information

Request for Information

Utilise integrated RFI template.

Automate RFI numbering.

Link referenced documents from the Asite Platform.

Set timescales in line with processes.

Automate notifications for overdue responses.

Create apps1 Create apps2

Build your own applications to run on the  graphical development environment.

Build, test, and deploy custom applications.

End users can now create web applications.

Connect data sources seamlessly.


Meeting Minutes

Create your meeting minutes and issue actions online.

Recipients can confirm, comment and mark actions as completed.

Track outstanding actions and automatically include in future meeting minutes.

Save time by adding set agendas to your meeting minutes without any re-keying of information.

Dashboards & Reporting

Select from an extensive library of information-rich reports or easily build custom reports that can be scheduled to run at any time. Utilise any data captured within the platform to build tailored dashboards that can be simply shared with your teams.

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