AppBuilder - New function to automatically calculate date/number of days within web forms

Posted by Denis Antony on Mar 21, 2021 2:00:00 AM

AppBuilder Tool upgrades - New function to automatically calculate date/number of days within web forms.

Asite has updated its robust AppBuilder tool to allow App Designers to build rules and automatically calculate dates based on a start date plus defining the number of days or calculate the difference between two dates displaying the number of days, using the graphical scripting interface in AppBuilder

Here is a quick overview of this feature:

Key highlights:

  • Visual scripting support for calculating new dates based on a definition of date plus add/subtract the number of days. This is more useful for project management schedules, plans, and deliverables with dates. 
  • Supports automatically calculate the number of days based on a difference between two specified dates. 

The recent updates will enable Administrators design more robust and dynamic web forms online

AppBuilder enables project teams to accelerate business workflows or scale internal operations through converting complex paper-based processes into secure web-based forms, bringing control and visibility to all projects. Asite's easy-to-use AppBuilder tool lets you build a smart, customised online form to meet your exact needs in minutes.

To become a certified AppBuilder Designer and begin building your own apps click here.

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AppBuilder Tool upgrade - New graphical scripting support for conditional formatting and validation rules

Posted by Denis Antony on Feb 14, 2021 3:55:43 AM

AppBuilder Tool upgrades - New graphical scripting support to build rules for conditional formatting and validations for your Apps.

Asite has updated its robust AppBuilder tool to allow App Designers to build rules for conditional formatting and validations within their Apps using the new graphical scripting interface.

Here is a quick overview of this feature:

Key highlights:

  • Visual scripting support for enabling conditional formatting and defining validation rules. 
  • Apply rules on fields, tables, layouts, buttons, and more design controls. 

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Asite 20.8

Posted by Denis Antony on Feb 1, 2020 2:32:00 AM

Asite is excited to announce our latest upgrade to the Asite Platform: Release 20.8.

Vendor Marketplace

Capital Project Owners and Prime Contractors can now issue bid opportunities and RFPs to public procurement portals such as the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and other public sector portals directly from Asite. This hugely broadens the audience for potential vendors and can deliver significant value to the procurement process for project owners. For vendors, this means you can express interest and participate with no subscription hassle and zero barrier to entry.

For private-sector project owners, we’ve also introduced seamless integration of the supplier registration and prequalification process to help them confidently source suppliers and then target work packages to qualified trades in their supply chain the first time, keeping procurement costs down.

Integration Announced with Enterprise Cyber-Security (SIEM)

By popular demand from our enterprise customer base, we have now released a production integration connector for enterprise-level SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) tools. IT Security teams can now configure the Asite platform to push events such as user authentication, project access and user role assignment among many others to their SIEM infrastructure via the Asite workflow engine without writing any underlying code.

Share Dashboards and Search Filters

Graphical dashboards and sophisticated search filters can now be shared with distribution groups and with individual users.

Add Some Color, Any Color

We’ve extended the color-picker options in AppBuilder. You now have access to the entire range of RGB, HEX, and HSL color palettes when you’re designing the next great Asite Form or App for your project team.

Synchronization support added

Seamless synchronization of form status and close-due-date between your Asite apps and the Asite platform is now supported.

Offline Working for all Asite Forms in Field

While using Asite Forms you can now respond to, edit and draft messages in both online and offline mode. Offline messages sync automatically once you are back online.

Visual Workflow engine enhanced

Automatic assignment of any and all form tasks is now supported via system tasks. This means there will be even more time for your users to focus on their day-jobs as the Asite Platform takes care of all the heavy lifting for your project workflows.

For detailed information about this release, please click the button below. 

About Asite

Asite’s vision is to connect people and help the world build better.

Asite’s platform enables organizations working on large capital projects to come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain.

Asite SCM is our Supply Chain Management solution, which helps capital project owners and Tier-1 contractors to integrate and manage their extended supply chain for delivering on capital projects. Asite PPM is our Project Portfolio Management solution, which gives you and your extended supply chain shared visibility of your capital projects. Asite APM is our Asset Performance Management solution, which allows you to keep track of your complex, ever-changing register of capital assets. Together they enable organizations to build digital engineering teams that can deliver digital twins and just plain build better.

The company is headquartered in London’s Tech City and has regional offices in New York, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Ahmedabad (India).

For more information about Asite, please contact

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